We install, replace, diagnose, repair, and maintain HVAC systems from:

  • Chillers

  • Cooling Towers

  • Air cooled condensing units remote air cooled condensers

  • Chill water & DX Air Handlers & Fan coils (All Brands)

  • Heat Recovery Systems & Heat Pumps

By offering exceptional service, at a fair price, by really serving the customer, we ensure that people will want to  REFER US   to others.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Why should I perform preventive maintenance?

    Air conditioning systems are mechanical devices that work constantly to provide proper cooling in Hawaii. Air conditioning systems can wear down quickly due to constant starting, stopping, continuous operation, and Hawaii’s corrosive environment. Choosing to have a professional technician to inspect and make adjustments to the equipment can prolong the life of the equipment and ensure that it is operating efficiently. Minor repairs can be made prior to catastrophic failures that could happen if equipment is not properly serviced. Properly servicing air conditioning equipment prolongs the life of the equipment and protects your investment.

  • How often should I perform preventative maintenance?

    There is no standard answer for this as it depends on the type of facility, type of equipment, type of environmental conditions that exists. We can make frequency recommendations based on your unique situation.